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Conceptual vision and target audience.
The name of the brand “MarU” is an abbreviation derived from the name of the brand founder MARkhamat Umarova and points to the creative realization of the personal life vision of the designer in the context of the world of fashion. At the same time, “MarU”, from the point of Japanese linguistics, has a meaning of a “circle” which has its expression in clothes and items produced by “MarU” studio in terms of a search for harmonious combination between practicality and exclusivity. Brand “MarU” symbolizes a combination of traditional with contemporary, and, thus, costume from “MarU” – is “With respect to traditions, in harmony with the present”. The target audience of the brand “MarU” are women and young ladies who, according to their vision and personality, are harmoniously developed individuals with preference in cloth that underlines their dignity and nobility, while at the same time, is not a result of conservatism and rigidity in style.
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